I had the privilege of contributing to the branding and campaign development for TED's Countdown event. This event is aimed at making people more aware of climate change and how it affects us all. To show how urgent the problem is, we came up with a logo that looks like a ticking clock, reminding us that we need to act now.

Client: TED

Agency: &Walsh

Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh

Strategy: Lauren Walsh

Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic, Shaneika Johnson-Simms, Samantha Galvao

Production: Allison Raich

Design Leads: Rachel Denti, Elinor O'Brien

Design:  Lucas Luz, Jada Akoto, Maricruz Meza, Oscar Maia, Carlos Bocai, Soomin Jung, Jeremy Rieger, Kitron Neuschatz, Sanchit Sawaria, Yijia Xie, Bruno Moncada, Matthew Roop

2D Animation: Lucas Luz, Heewon Kim, Alex Slobzheninov

3D Animation: Nacho Velasco & Gabriel Morala MaldonadoAnimation Exploration: Kenny Brandenberger & Anthony Velen

Music: Pedro Portellano (Bruma FX)