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Write by Lucas Luz∙ Oct 2023

My Domestika Course: 3D Mock-up Creation with Cinema 4D

Since launching my course 3D Mock-up Creation with Cinema 4D" on Domestika, I've been blown away by the enthusiasm of over 900 students diving in. Crafting this course was a real journey for me. As designers, we've got this natural flow, right? But I had to break that flow down step-by-step to teach it. It pushed me to look at design from a fresh angle, and honestly, it deepened my appreciation for what I do every day. Teaching isn't just about sharing – it's about relearning and understanding even better.

I wanted to focus on a specific 3D domain that I knew would resonate with many designers: crafting images for presenting work. We're all familiar with the challenge of making our designs stand out, truly capturing the attention of our audience. That's where mock-ups become invaluable. They offer a tangible, "real-world" context, adding depth and dimension to a design.

Domestika trailer

However, there's an issue. The internet, while overflowing with ready-made mock-ups, often provides designs that lack uniqueness and a personal touch. Many of these can come off as generic or repetitive, not aligning with the designer's vision.

3D process

This idea inspired the creation of my course. Rather than leaning on generic solutions, I aimed to equip designers with the skills to design their own 3D mock-ups. These aren't just about showcasing work; they're about telling a story. By integrating thoughtful art direction, these mock-ups become more than visual aids; they're a continuation of the design's narrative. After completing the course, my students are now crafting their own tailored 3D visualizations that not only showcase but amplify their graphic projects.


is a Brazilian Designer, working as an Art Director at &Walsh.

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