Melissa is a famous fashion brand that creates plastic-only shoes. The company wanted to create a campaign that featured both shoes from their new collection as well as stories of love for valentines day. With this goal in mind, we developed a creative concept along with the production of photos and videos. Overall, the idea shows that even though people might be different in certain ways, like personality types and physical appearances, love is strong enough to connect them.

Concept: Lucas Luz, Leandro Assis and Ruiva Beanding

Photography & Video: Lucas Luz + Inácio Jr

Art direction: Nebula Lab (Hugo Teixeira + Jessica Cirino)

Styling: Antonio Schuback

Executive Production: Ruiva Branding

Production Assistent: Janaína Schramm

Design: Leandro Assis + Paula Cruz

Beauty: Victor Fattori

Design: Leandro Assis + Paula Cruz

Models: Thomas Garcia, Letícia Campioli, Robertha Ribeiro, Mariana Medeiros, Gabriella Felix and Caio Backer