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Isodope is the online persona of Isabelle Boemeke, a nuclear energy influencer who wants to change what the world thinks about nuclear, one TikTok video at a time. This is a self-funded project with the goal to change public opinion to help solve the climate crisis. Nuclear historically has had a bad rep & Isodope's goal is to change the public’s perception on it. After all, it is one of the safest and cleanest forms of energy available to us today. The Isodope persona and brand is built to put people’s fear around nuclear at ease through memes that are easy to digest and even easier to share. Isodope is changing the face of science communications, to share good ideas and mobilize people behind them. Working with the Isodope team we worked on a brand refresh, a new website (coming soon!), and an extended asset library. Since Isodope is a major proponent of future tools, solutions and the use of technology in daily life, we decided to enlist the creative help of Artificial Intelligence tool DALL·E to bring this branding to life. Isodope is a not for profit project not affiliated with the nuclear industry or any company. This project is also not sponsored by AI. For more information about Isodope, visit isodope.com Follow Isodope: TikTok @isodope Instagram @i_sodope



Isodope, Isabelle Boemeke, Taylor Winnie



Creative Direction

Jessica Walsh


Lauren Walsh

Executive Producer

Luciana Almeida


Adriano Ellert

Lead Designer

Lucas Luz, Cristina Giménez, Juanse Carvajal, Soomin Jung

AI Creative Prompt Engineers

Jessica Walsh, Lucas Luz, Cristina Giménez

3D & Animation

Daniel Zepeda, Eveling Salazar, Kaan Iscan, Lorenzo Cobo, Pablo Garcia Robla, Yuxin Zhou, Lucas Luz, Claudia Nazionale, Sofia Noronha, Jacob Hwan Lee, Nicole Belskaya, Cristina Giménez


Isabelle Boemeke


DALL·E, Chelsea Finkel, Jarett Loeffler, Tiffany Thebodeau


DALL·E, Claudia Nazionale, Javier Gutierrez, Jiayue Li, Juanse Carvajal, Julio Zukerman, Marek Rybicki, Marie Ducrocq, Marina Glikman, Nicole Belskaya, Sasyk Mihal, Shamil Asgarov, Sofia Noronha, Soomin Jun, Emiliyana Kancheva, Fabrizio Morra, Fernando Farfán, Kristýna Jenčová, Tais Kahatt, Zitong Zhao.




is a Brazilian Designer, working as an Art Director at &Walsh.

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