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Google I/O 23

Google I/O connects developers worldwide for thoughtful discussions, insights from Google experts, and a first look at the latest developer products. In collaboration with the Google Events & Experiences team, we created an identity that could live on location, stage, digitally, and printed materials. I/O 23 celebrated 25 years of pioneering at Google. The primary concept was looking at the timeless, iconic, and celebratory designs of some of the most iconic events of the past, such as the Olympics, Apollo Space Missions, 50 years of Bauhaus, and many more. The key graphic of I/O 23 centers around a “ribbon” pathway that was designed to take you through the 25 years of pioneering at Google in an abstract but energetic way. The extended asset library includes a mix of illustrated Google easter eggs, patterns, and pathways.

At &Walsh, I was the Art Director, leading the design team and developing the concept and visual identity for the Google I/O events in 2022 and 2023.



All work was created in partnership with the Google Events & Experiences Team



Creative Direction

Jessica Walsh

Art Director

Lucas Luz


Lauren Walsh

Executive Producer

Luciana Almeida


Chanel Harper & Sofia Flores


Sasyk Mihal, Fernando Farfán, Fabrizio Morra, Riisa Lishao, Kristýna Jenčová, Javier Gutierrez, Marina Glikman, Nicole Belskaya, Luiza Pfeifer, Juanse Carvajal, Jordan Stokke & Victor Jobim

Brand Photography & Video

Daniel Zepeda, Lorenzo Cobo & Pablo Garcia Robla

Case Study Images

Jarett Loeffler & Tiffany Thebodeau

Prop Design

Chelsea Finkel




is a Brazilian Designer, working as an Art Director at &Walsh.

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