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At &Walsh, we teamed up with Fabric (once called Talagent Financial). They wanted a fresh look to match their new tech platform. We helped them pick a new name, design their brand look, and shape their website. We found out that many advisors were worried about taking risks. But with Fabric's tech, taking risks felt safer. So, we made their brand show that risks can be a good thing. We wanted people to see that risk is a part of everyday life – it's like the threads in a fabric. We designed a shiny 3D look that feels like futuristic fabric. We used it on things like words and pictures to show how risk is a part of managing money.



Fabric, Rick Bookstaber, Govinda Quish, Nick Rinard



Creative Direction

Jessica Walsh


Lauren Walsh, Angie Shih


Rinny Shim

Lead Designer

Lucas Luz, John Sampson

3D Design

Lucas Luz, Sanchit Sawaria, Poppy Zafeiraki


Tiffany Thebodeau, Jarret Loeffler, Hatsue Andrews

Case Study Images

Jarett Loeffler, Chelsea Finkel, Tiffany Thebodeau, Hatsue Andrews


Sasyk Mihal, Soomin Jung, Jeremy Rieger, Riisa Liao, Jess Gracia, Jada Akoto, Simoul Alva, Steven Xue, Jiayue, Johnelle Smith, Josh Krauth-Harding, Sofia Noronha, Leila ČičiΔ‡, Diane Diana, Juanse Carvajal, Marek Rybicki, Marie Ducrocq, Fabrizio, KristΓ½na JenčovΓ‘, Javier Gutierrez, Tiffany M. Wu, Mikayla Hittle


is a Brazilian Designer, working as an Art Directior at &Walsh.

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