FIlm direction

Primario Brechó Replay

This editorial is part of the Primary collection of Brechó Replay, together with the casting of Silva Modas we developed a film that would translate the delicate, sophisticated and break of stereotypes proposed by the collection.

Film direction: Luzcas and Inacio Martins
Creative direction: Eduardo Costa
Photo: Juliana Colinas
Styling: Allan and Lucas Wollker
Beauty: Victor Manoel
Models: Lorraine Lothar, Giorgia Narciso, James Tostes, Leandro Verçosa, Arthures and Mauricio Sacramento



❶ About

Luzcas is a Brazilian designer/art Director/photographer/filmmaker based in Rio de Janeiro.

His multidisciplinary work helps brands to find a unique visual solution, be it digital, graphic, through photo or film.

Clipping & exhibitions

Fast Company / Clipping / Mailchimp Presents. USA 2019

Webflow / Clipping / Portfolio. USA 2018

Latin American Design Awards / Winner / Tipos de Grafia. PER 2018

12ª Graphic Design Biennial / selected project / O Circo Voa. BRA 2017

AWWARDS® / honorable mention / Aftershock. USA 2016

CSS Winner / site of the day/ Aftershock. USA 2016

CSS Design Award/ special kudos / Aftershock. USA 2016

10ª Semana Design/ selected project / O Circo Voa. BRA 2016

10ª Semana Design/ selected project / Literário XYZ. BRA 2016

10ª Semana Design/ selected project / Design P.&P. BRA 2016


Work & Co / Designer
Sep 2018 - Aug 2019

Is Creative Studio / Design Internship
May 2018

Relâmpago / Designer
Oct 2016 - Feb 2017

Apple developer Academy / Designer
Jan 2016 - Oct 2016

Empresa Junior / Designer
Jan 2015 - Aug 2015


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