Film direction


Fowz (@befowz) is a clothing brand created from and for the internet and generation Z. For them, there's no difference between online and offline world, because they have always been connected since birth. In this project I created the video campaign to launch the brand.

Film: Sweat Projects - Luzcas and Raphael Mamberti
Photos: Victor Ronccally and Marcel Blanco
Post production: Pedro Magalhães
Creative direction: Cadu Bocai and Julia B Aguiar
Styling: Antonio Schuback
Beauty: Piu Gontijo and Anna Pittha
Production: Luisa Rodrigues, Izabel Vieira and Bianca Bake
Models: Bruna Novellino, Juliette Ozifa, Francisca Capeto, Maria Carolina Oliveira, Guilherme Blum and Luan Braga



❶ About

Luzcas is a Brazilian designer/art Director/photographer/filmmaker based in Rio de Janeiro.

His multidisciplinary work helps brands to find a unique visual solution, be it digital, graphic, through photo or film.

Clipping & exhibitions

Fast Company / Clipping / Mailchimp Presents. USA 2019

Webflow / Clipping / Portfolio. USA 2018

Latin American Design Awards / Winner / Tipos de Grafia. PER 2018

12ª Graphic Design Biennial / selected project / O Circo Voa. BRA 2017

AWWARDS® / honorable mention / Aftershock. USA 2016

CSS Winner / site of the day/ Aftershock. USA 2016

CSS Design Award/ special kudos / Aftershock. USA 2016

10ª Semana Design/ selected project / O Circo Voa. BRA 2016

10ª Semana Design/ selected project / Literário XYZ. BRA 2016

10ª Semana Design/ selected project / Design P.&P. BRA 2016


Work & Co / Designer
Sep 2018 - Aug 2019

Is Creative Studio / Design Internship
May 2018

Relâmpago / Designer
Oct 2016 - Feb 2017

Apple developer Academy / Designer
Jan 2016 - Oct 2016

Empresa Junior / Designer
Jan 2015 - Aug 2015


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